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Some of the Non-Teaching Jobs That Positively Impact the K-12 Education.

You may be among the people that do not exactly love teaching, but are passionate about the K-12 education. The good news, however, is that, there are education management jobs that will help you put in the house behind the scenes. Here are some examples of the exciting no-teaching jobs that you can take on.

If the idea of overseeing the curriculum and the teaching standards appeals to you then the director of curriculum and instruction will be a great fit for you.

Here, you will be helping with the developments of the curriculum used in the district’s secondary and elementary schools, help implements it and later test its effectiveness. All schools have federal, state and local standards that they must meet and especially in K-12 and proving the evidence that these measures are actually met is another job that you can take on here, the compliance manager. The job description here is to ensure that there is complete and accurate records keeping of the relevant documentation and compliance, and performing when needed the ad-hoc data analysis.

Information on various issues like the behavior, assessments, grades and degree requirements are important and can be challenging to gather effectively, analyze and implement the necessary classroom changes in real-time manner and this is where the data manager comes in. The job her involved digging through the insights of the data that they collect to find patterns and trends, and create forecast that the helps the schools make better and more informed decisions. The staff is a very vital part of the school, and that being said every school want to make sure that they hire the best and this is where the manager for the talent acquisition comes in.

The job here entails creating the job description, ensuring through the resume, conduction the interviews alongside some of the team leaders and the office staff to make sure that you are bringing the bets personnel onto the team. There is family engagements manager that ensures that there is family involvements in schools since studies have shown that there is a relationship between this and the student’s achievements. Their job is to help strategize, support and also create initiatives that connect individual students’ achievements and families, not to mention the school as a whole. Lastly, there is the instructional coach that ensures that the teachers instructional practices are refined enough to be able to meet the students right where they are, and this makes the teachers better at their skills and improves the environments for learning for the students. The director of school transformation, grants manager, business operations manager, director of finance and the director of external affairs are the other non-teaching jobs that you can also check out.

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