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Qualities of an Ideal Podcast Site

People can download audio files from podcast sites. Subscribers of a podcast site can download a digital audio file to their computers or mobile devices and listen to them. Also, subscribers of podcast sites can use the downloaded digital audios for presentations and ads, among other uses. When subscribers download your audio files from a podcast site, you get to earn royalties. Whenever you want to choose a podcast site, you should look for the best. Determining the best podcast site can be challenging. You can use some tips to guide you in determining the best podcast site.

The charges of a podcast site will determine its suitability. You should not go for a podcast site whose charges are overrated. An ideal podcast site should not impose an additional fee to subscribers. You will have an opportunity to post as many audios as you wish in a podcast site that charges fairly. It is advisable to check the charges of several podcast sites to single out the fairest. An ideal podcast site should be efficient regardless of its charges.

The suitability of a podcast site can be discerned depending on the limits it puts on the number of episodes that can be posted. A podcast site that limits the number of episodes you can post will be unreliable. A podcast site without episodes limits will allow you to post many audio files. You will, therefore, get more royalties from a podcast site without episodes limit.

You can also gauge whether a podcast site is reliable based on the number of downloads it allows. You should settle for a podcast site that allows as many playbacks as subscribers wish. A podcast site that limits the number of downloads will reduce the number of times your audios are downloaded. You will, therefore, earn more royalties from a podcast site that does not limit the number of downloads its subscribers can have.

Licensing is another factor you should ponder before settling for a podcast site. An unlicensed podcast site should be avoided. You can modify the licensing policy of your audios as you wish. There are numerous ways in which your audio files can be used, such as a call on hold, documentaries, video games, and radio spots. A podcast site that allows you to modify the licensing policy will allow you to regulate how your audios are used. A podcast site with an exaggerated licensing fee should be avoided.

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